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Workshops & Classes

All of these classes are available should you wish to book Imagine to visit your venue.

For current prearranged classes see our workshops and events list.

Classes are suitable for all abilities, from beginners to established writers.

We would be happy to provide a one to one class, or tailor a workshop to your needs if you have specific requirement.

FREE taster classes available to schools and retirement communities.

If you have any queries, would like to learn about future workshops, or if you'd like to host a workshop, then please contact Alison or Jenny at-

Life writing: turn your own experiences into fiction


How to scale the mountain: moving on from writing short stories to novels

How to write short stories: a guide to writing short works of fiction

So, you want to be a romance writer: a masterclass in genre writing

Plotting and Planning: learn how to plot fiction and nonfiction

Who, what, where, when: a guide to writing fiction

Developing characters in fiction: who will you write about?

Location, location, location: setting the scene in fiction

Looking at time: writing historical, contemporary, futuristic and time travel fiction

Sexing the ordinary: how to write believable erotica/erotic romance

What happens next: a beginners guide to marketing yourself & your work

Writing for Young Adults: writing fiction for twelve to twenty year olds.

Gobblefunk: children’s imagination expanding, Roald Dahl, workshop

Writing spooky: children's imagination expanding scary story workshop

Heroes and villains: children's imagination expanding scary story workshop

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